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  • “A few years ago, my toilet overflowed and one of those bigger franchise companies handled it. Not only did I never know who or when they were coming, they took forever and I didn’t like their finished work. Donn’s company just finished my house after one of us (probably my often preoccupied daughter) forgot to turn off the kitchen faucet before we all left for the week, and my experience this time was totally different. Donn saved our hardwood floors, and he did every single thing he told us he was going to do before he started the work. I like a man who keeps his promises. Hard to find these days. You can really tell he loves helping people. Excellent communication with dependable, professional workers. I was fully informed the whole time. Thanks for referring Bay Area Disaster Relief.” [Danville homeowner]
  • “Donn, I keep thinking that throughout this process you did exactly what you told me you were going to do when we first spoke that night. You personally arrived 25 minutes after I called my agent and started the job immediately even though it was almost midnight. You were professional and kept in contact with me throughout the process so that I always knew the schedule. My house is back to normal after all these water problems, and I would recommend you to anyone and everyone. I owe my agent a big thank you for referring your company to me. Appreciate all you did for my family.” [Oakland homeowner]
  • “You just have the nicest workers. They are very happy. So you must be treating them right, and they must love working for you.” [San Francisco homeowner]
  • “What started out as a nightmare was solved by Bay Area Disaster Relief. So nice to have such professional workers and the owner himself overseeing every detail. Please tell Donn thank you. He’s a stand-up guy with a stand-up company, and my wife and I sincerely appreciate it.” [Dublin homeowner]
  • “Everything was done so professionally! The work was managed properly, and the workers were diligently doing their work. Nobody was standing around smoking cigarettes or drinking coffee.” [Concord homeowner]
  • “My store’s up and running 5 hours after that massive flood. Bam! My DM’s gonna love this! You guys literally saved my bacon! Get it? We sell bacon – ha! #sograteful” [Concord grocery store manager]
  • “Donn, you are a rare gem in this industry. Rare gem! The other restoration companies send young workers who are nice guys, but they aren’t experienced and professional like you are. When I refer to you, I always know that you’ll be there taking care of everything. Your workers are very professional, and I never get any criticisms afterward – only glowing compliments about you and your company. You do both large and small losses, and
    when I refer a job to you, I always know I’ll have a satisfied client. And that’s how I maintain and grow my business. So thank you! Appreciate all you do and wanted to let you know.”
    [State Farm agent]
  • “Your Project Manager for contents is an excellent communicator, calls back immediately and answers all of my questions thoroughly and professionally.” [Allstate agent]
  • “Always dependable. Always professional. Always INVOLVED on every claim. So glad you do what you do because you solve ALL my restoration problems.”   [State Farm agent]
  • “I have never had any issues with your bills. Always right on the money.”   [State Farm adjuster]
  • “I can always call you on these high-end losses because I know the type of work you do is excellent, and I know I can count on you. You’re a keeper?” [Manager of high-rise HOA condos in San Francisco]
  • Oh, the client loves you! He says you know exactly what you are doing, and he enjoys working with you! Donn, you certainly calmed the situation and put the job on the right track.” [Walnut Creek property manager]
  • “Donn, without you on the job things would have turned out far differently.” [San Jose commercial property manager]
  • I KNEW you would answer the phone!” [Property manager from an HOA management company at 2:00 a.m.]

Client Testimonials